The Neighborhood Hotel Fulton Market @ 801 W. Madison [formerly, the Mid-City Trust & Savings Bank], is where grandeur and the vibrant energy of 1920’s Chicago intertwine with thoughtful, modern comfort. Your stay begins with ethereal beauty as the lobby’s marble pillars give way to a vast ceiling. The curvaceous terra-cotta staircase invites you to explore original gems, like the building’s former bank vaults where you can now swirl a whiskey or sip a coffee on a timeless leather couch, newspaper in hand. Upstairs, your suite feels warm and distinguished with majestic arched windows that frame a dazzling urban backdrop.

Steps away, you’ll find one of the most bustling cultural hubs in the city: Fulton Market/West Loop. Cobblestone walkways line the thresholds of old warehouses now home to art galleries, shops and restaurants with lively or mellow scenes [choose your adventure].

As your day of work and/or play concludes, Gatsby-era intrigue welcomes you back. This is your place to appreciate the now while escaping [for a moment] to the glory days of the past. Speaking of the past… check out the history of this cool old building from 1911… and come experience the complete renovation in 2025!

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Coming Soon:
The Neighborhood Little Italy
Where welcome drinks come in the form of bold espresso + crisp prosecco. We can't wait
Chi? [Who]
The Neighborhood Hotel
Cosa? [What]
Warmth, bellezza, history. The cornerstones of Italian culture that The Neighborhood Little Italy captures in its third + largest location with 35 suites (Studio - 2 bedrooms).
Quando? [When]
Spring/Summer 2023
Dove? [Where]
In the heart of Little Italy! Here, you're nestled in a neighborhood with an old world feel that seamlessly welcomes the new and modern. Plus, the most bustling parts of the city are just a stone's throw away and easily accessible on foot/public transit! Places like: The Illinois Medical District + Fulton Market + West Loop + UIC + The United Center + the Loop.
Perché? [Why]
To experience fun, adventure, and comfort!
Come? [How]
Our buildings have stories ingrained in the walls (in a non-creepy way) - stories that are meant to be told and shared. The Neighborhood Little Italy was formerly the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame which honored the greatest Italian-American athletes, broadcasters, and sports workers to benefit athletics in the United States. Once again, we've fallen for a space outfitted with cool history + architecture. Grateful to all of the hard workers and supporters who are turning another NEIGHBORHOOD HOTEL vision/dream into reality!
The Neighborhood Little Italy building design
Rebel House is nailing the design. Soaring ceilings give way to chic urban lofts with sophisticated Italian villa vibes. the top floor's outdoor terraces feature captivating views of the city and the piazza across the street. La vita é bella.
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