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The Neighborhood Hotel New Buffalo is your quaint oasis amidst the charming bustle of downtown New Buffalo. All 9 suites feel beachy, fresh resulting in a true vacation vibe. Take a leisurely stroll to the lake and stop by some of the best restaurants and shops in Harbor Country along the way. Here, you’re close to all of the action yet tucked away in a space that’s calm, quiet and comfortable.

Note: The suites are small but mighty — ideal for groups of two or three people.

Looking for more space? Checkout our nearby hotel in Grand Beach that’s a quick, 10 minute drive from New Buffalo!

Our Rooms


Nine suites feature thoughtful amenities for work + play. Amenities include:

-Fully Equipped Communal Kitchen

-Spacious Communal Backyard with Fire Pits + a Grill

-Communal Sun + Four Seasons Room with Large Dining Table (for shared meals or used as a conference table)

-Communal Indoor Fireplace + Living Room

-Communal Washer/Dryer

-In-Unit Moccamaster Coffee Machines w/ Local Beans!

-In-Unit Malin + Goetz Bath Products

-In-Unit TV


Michigan’s southwest coast, Harbor Country, has welcomed generations of visitors to enjoy lovely beaches and an overall relaxed lifestyle.The state’s slogan, Pure Michigan, is quickly apparent as you swim through Lake Michigan, enjoy beer and wine tastings at the many family-owned vineyards, trek to the top of massive sand dunes, or paddle a canoe around the smaller, inland lakes. Southwest Michigan is a mecca of family-friendly beach towns with great shopping and dining — have fun exploring or fully chilling! 

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When the last ice age ended, the receding glaciers left enormous gouges that filled to become the Great Lakes.  Glacial and fluvial deposition [sediments deposited by the flowing water of a stream] created the inland areas, while dunes along the shore were left by the retreating shoreline.

1675-1679: Father Jacques Marquette was the first European explorer to meander down the Saint Joseph river [which he called the River of the Miamis after the Indian tribe living along its banks]. Four years later, more explorers discovered the river. By then, the Miamis were being displaced by the Potawatomis, who farmed in villages in the summer and migrated to winter hunting grounds in the fall. They lived in dome-shaped wigwams or large, bark-covered huts, made maple sugar and enjoyed a bounty of fish and game.
1834: The city of New Buffalo came about due to a violent storm in October of 1834, when Captain Wessel D. Whittaker grounded his schooner in the mouth of a small stream called State Creek near the present day village of Grand Beach. The ship was destroyed, but Captain and crew survived the disaster and walked to Michigan City, where they found taverns that could provide food and shelter. There, Whittaker hired a rig and headed north for St. Joseph to report the ship's loss to its underwriters. On his way up the coast, he was struck by advantages and beauty of the spot where the Galien River passed through Lake Potawatomi into Lake Michigan.
1840’s: Land travelers between Detroit and Chicago started to pass through New Buffalo, spending their tourist dollars. The Michigan Central Railroad Company completed the stretch of track between Niles and New Buffalo, making New Buffalo the end of the railroad line for travelers between Detroit and Chicago. An unprecedented scale of tourism quickly reshaped the town's character.
Early 1900’s: The New Buffalo area becomes a summer-camp Mecca as Potawatomi Point, Camp Sokol, Forest Beach, Tell Hai, and others open.
1911-1921: The Grand Beach area grows into a popular resort area, featuring The Golfmore Hotel, golf, dining, dancing, swimming, and more.
1960’s-1970’s: Wessel Whittaker's vision of New Buffalo's Harbor may have been matched by local contractor Paul Oselka’s as he began dredging the harbor and the channel leading to it. By 1975, New Buffalo's safe harbor became a reality and the new Whittaker Street bridge was dedicated.


We honor history while breathing fresh life and character into old structures. The design goal for The Neighborhood Hotel New Buffalo was to preserve the warmth of the original inn while creating an airy, playful space with a whisper of low key luxury. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Coming Soon:
The Neighborhood Little Italy
Where welcome drinks come in the form of bold espresso + crisp prosecco. We can't wait
Chi? [Who]
The Neighborhood Hotel
Cosa? [What]
Warmth, bellezza, history. The cornerstones of Italian culture that The Neighborhood Little Italy captures in its third + largest location with 35 suites (Studio - 2 bedrooms).
Quando? [When]
Spring/Summer 2023
Dove? [Where]
In the heart of Little Italy! Here, you're nestled in a neighborhood with an old world feel that seamlessly welcomes the new and modern. Plus, the most bustling parts of the city are just a stone's throw away and easily accessible on foot/public transit! Places like: The Illinois Medical District + Fulton Market + West Loop + UIC + The United Center + the Loop.
Perché? [Why]
To experience fun, adventure, and comfort!
Come? [How]
Our buildings have stories ingrained in the walls (in a non-creepy way) - stories that are meant to be told and shared. The Neighborhood Little Italy was formerly the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame which honored the greatest Italian-American athletes, broadcasters, and sports workers to benefit athletics in the United States. Once again, we've fallen for a space outfitted with cool history + architecture. Grateful to all of the hard workers and supporters who are turning another NEIGHBORHOOD HOTEL vision/dream into reality!
The Neighborhood Little Italy building design
Rebel House is nailing the design. Soaring ceilings give way to chic urban lofts with sophisticated Italian villa vibes. the top floor's outdoor terraces feature captivating views of the city and the piazza across the street. La vita é bella.
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