Most people in the Midwest welcome the first signs of summer with open arms. We dream about the scent of barbecues on balmy evenings, dipping our toes into Lake Michigan and even the sweet, evening buzz that cicadas bring. It’s a sound that’s both jarring yet somehow comfortingly familiar. This year, the cicada sounds will be…ummm… amplified in a major way! Get ready for lots of noise, exoskeleton debris and most likely some run ins with these alien-like creatures. There is something very medieval about cicadas and we’re fascinated! 

Cicada sightings will be substantial in the city and in Southwest Michigan. Chicago’s Field Museum has a very rare blue eyed cicada that recently joined their research collections after a family in the suburbs discovered it and delivered their special find to the museum. Most cicadas have orange/red eyes.

In Southwest Michigan, there is plenty of room to run/hike/walk around and collect “shells” of a different sort on the lawns of The Neighborhood Hotel Grand Beach and New Buffalo. The Indiana Dunes National Park — just a few minutes from each NBHD Michigan hotel — is another great place to search for cicadas amongst the lovely trees! How about a cicada stay to kick off your summer?! 



In short, two broods of cicadas are coming out of the ground at the same time. The 13-year Brood XIX and the 17-year Brood XIII will co-emerge together for the first time since 1803! This probably won’t happen again until 2037. Things are going to get LOUD. Very loud.


Cicadas have a corrugated exoskeletal structure in their abdomen that’s called a tymbal. The tymbal is a membrane in a cicada’s abdomen that produces sound when the muscle is flexed. You can imagine the tymbal as being similar to the lid of a tin can after it’s pressed and released. Some people compare the volume of a cicada to that of a vacuum!

Fun fact: Only male cicadas make the signature cicada buzzing noise in order to attract a female mate.


Cicadas spend most of their lives underground and come up to the surface at the end of a 13 or 17-year cycle. When cicadas first come to the surface (usually at night), they find a tree or another high place to climb which is where they shed their shell (or exoskeleton). Don’t be alarmed if you see a very strange looking white bug-like creature — cicadas are soft and white directly after they molt. Once they’re settled on the surface, they’re ready to: find a mate, reproduce and then die, which limits their life above ground to roughly one month! WHOA. 


To attract mates, male cicadas rise to the surface and roughly 4-5 days later, they start to buzz as loud as they can. 

In turn, the females [quietly] flick their wings to signal that they want to mate.

After mating, females typically lay 500-600 eggs. They prefer to lay their eggs in woody plants and trees, which is why you’ll often see their eggs on branches.


In short, if the tree is old and mature, it’s fine. Cicadas are more likely to disrupt or kill young trees or older trees that are not healthy.

Female cicadas cut little slits in tree bark when they lay their eggs, which can be damaging as a young tree often becomes dry and then dies as a result. Cicadas prefer thin branches.  


No! They don’t sting or bite and are overall non toxic. However, if a dog, for example, eats a large amount of cicadas and/or their exoskeletons, the pup will probably have a very upset tummy. Normally this isn’t an issue, but piles of cicada “shells” are possible this year due to the double brood, so keep an eye out. 

About The Neighborhood Hotel

The Neighborhood Hotel was founded in 2020 by Jonathan Gordon — a travel enthusiast who enjoys spaces that inspire, comfort and fuel. Each suite is well equipped for short and longterm stays (i.e. kitchens, laundry, etc.). The Neighborhood Hotel transforms old buildings with compelling history into well outfitted apartment style hotels that honor the old while representing the now. The vibe is fresh and fun with rooms that are stocked to support everyone from the homebody to the adventurer. The hotels provide a basecamp for the explorer and a sanctuary for the traveler who needs to recharge, reset or just chill. The suites are simple and clean, punctuated with accents that bring the right amount of pop. The Neighborhood Hotel has locations in Chicago: Lincoln Park, Little Italy, West Loop (2025 opening) and Southwest Michigan: New Buffalo and Grand Beach. 

Read about TNBHD in: Architectural Digest, Midwest Living and CN Traveler! 

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The Neighborhood Hotel
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Our buildings have stories ingrained in the walls (in a non-creepy way) - stories that are meant to be told and shared. The Neighborhood Little Italy was formerly the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame which honored the greatest Italian-American athletes, broadcasters, and sports workers to benefit athletics in the United States. Once again, we've fallen for a space outfitted with cool history + architecture. Grateful to all of the hard workers and supporters who are turning another NEIGHBORHOOD HOTEL vision/dream into reality!
The Neighborhood Little Italy building design
Rebel House is nailing the design. Soaring ceilings give way to chic urban lofts with sophisticated Italian villa vibes. the top floor's outdoor terraces feature captivating views of the city and the piazza across the street. La vita é bella.
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